This year's contest was hosted at five sites:

Thanks to Dr. Greg Hammerly (Baylor University) was our chief judge this year and his team.

Thanks to the Kattis team for hosting the contest this year.

Thanks to each site that hosted and we hope more sites will volunteer next year.

Thanks to Jason Kincl (Oak Ridge National Labs) a chief technical director.

Thanks to all the coaches.

And above all, thanks to all the competitors.

Our regional was a single day contest (Saturday) due to economics. Please let us know if you would prefer to return to a two-day event or if you prefer the single day (2 day will raise entrance fee).

As before, we used BlueJeans so that all sites could share the video.

Instead of merely anouncing results this year we used the Resolver to step through the action that took place during the last hour of the contest (we freeze the scoreboard with one hour to go). Even though BlueJeansis a great video conferencing solution, it is not intended to transfer high speed video (like the resolver creates). To allow all four sites to see the resolver, we wound up running it on a machine with the video being fed into OBS Studio which then streamed it to You Tube. Audio commentary was done simultaneously over BlueJeans. Here is a link to a recording of the live resolver feed we showed (no audio).

More info coming!

The date for 2019's contest was: November 9, 2019